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Couple taken into custody after engaging in sexual activity at amusement park

amusement park, farris wheel fair 2014 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival
(Photo by Wade Payne/Invision/AP)

A couple has been arrested after they were reportedly caught having sex on an amusement park ride.
The incident occurred at Cedar Point Amusement Park on the Giant wheel ride.
Four women contacted authorities after they noticed the couple in the seat above, them naked and rocking back and forth.
The couple denied the allegations and the woman continued saying that she was wearing shorts under her dress and dropped her cigarette back out of them. The man noticed and was helping her get her cigarettes.
The group which also included two juveniles, however, insisted that the man and woman were engaged in sexual activity on the ride and even laughed when they noticed the group watching.
After further questioning, the couple eventually admitted to having sex on the ride.
The couple was taken to jail and both are being charged with public indecency.