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Couple issues warning after newborn contracts the coronavirus

A couple from Ohio is issuing a warning to the public about taking social distancing measures seriously after the father and their newborn became ill will the coronavirus.

Sean and Dawn Clancy say they gave birth to their son on March 23rd without any complications and were allowed to return home, however, 12 days later they were back in the hospital after the couple noticed their son was exhibiting signs of the coronavirus.

Sean told reporters that he was not feeling well and noticed that his newborn son also seemed to be under the weather:

“I was down for the count, and then a few days later, Eli was,” Sean Clancy said. “Eli was really lethargic; he wasn’t acting how he had been normally acting; his eyes weren’t really opening.

The couple rushed the child to the hospital where both father and son tested positive for the coronavirus.

Fortunately, the family is recovering well considering the situation, but Sean says the whole thing was eyeopening for him:

“We can’t explain to him what’s going on,” he said. “It was a helpless feeling that here I have this brand-new son and I can’t do anything for him; she can’t do anything for him.”

They are also warning others about taking the social distancing seriously.

The couple says they followed the social distancing rules but decided to allow their stepdaughter to visit the child when they brought him home. The couple believes that though the stepsister did not show any signs of the virus, she may have passed it on to them.

As for now, the couple is sleeping in separate bedrooms, using different bathrooms, and wearing face mask until test show that Sean is no longer contagious:

“Just stay home, keep your distance, two weeks at home is better than a month in the hospital,” Sean said.