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Couple from Florida exploits elderly relative then abandons him

AP Photo_John Raoux (8)
Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Authorities in Central Florida say a couple exploited their 87-year-old relative before abandoning him with a friend.

The Florida Department of Children and Families notified the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office about the possible exploitation case back in September.

During the investigation, authorities found that 62-year-old Javier Dross and 57-year-old Lydia Dross moved in with Javier’s 87-year-old father in Deltona last year. Javier was said to have drawn up power of attorney papers himself and then had his father sign them. The couple then sold the victim’s house in May and over time, Javier was said to have transferred all of his father’s funds into Lydia’s account.

Lydia then created a do-not-resuscitate order for the victim and eventually the couple paid a friend to take care of the victim as they fled to Arizona. The couple then stopped paying the friend.

The 87-year-old victim says he did not know what he was signing but trusted his son.

The couple was said to have taken more than $186,000 from the victim and is believed to have spent the money on rent, airfare, hotels, shopping, car insurance and food.

Authorities were able to track down the couple and arrested them.

Both are being held at the Maricopa County jail on $50,000 bonds.