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Couple claims they were kicked off JetBlue flight in West Palm Beach for supporting Trump


A couple was allegedly kicked off a JetBlue flight in West Palm Beach after going on a rant.

Another passenger on the flight caught the couple getting kicked off and on video “yelling racist and homophobic slurs” — as the wife claimed they were removed because they’re Trump supporters.

The footage was posted on TikTok and later shared on Reddit by user, Charlotte D’Alessio, and shows the woman going on a tirade aboard the plane in West Palm Beach.

“Do you guys see what is happening in America?” she yells. “He didn’t like what we said, and now we’re getting kicked off of a plane, and all of y’all are going to have to wait…“This is f—— outrageous! You guys, we’re going to turn into China — it’s coming,” she continues in the rant. “You don’t like the words coming out of my mouth. No words! No words! Free speech is dead!”

At one point, the woman’s husband utters homophobic slurs but mostly sits silently during the woman’s meltdown.

The woman also claims she used to be a Broadway dancer and praises Elon Musk, saying “he’s the best … he’s the f—— king!”

She also yells that she is “not getting that f—— vaccine” and calls mask-wearing passengers “sheep.”

She also threatened to sue the airline and the person shooting the video.

Charlotte D’Alessia, who posted the video on TikTok, wrote: “Couple yelling racist & homophobic slurs wouldn’t deboard plane today leaving West Palm Beach. A free show to all on board.”

Couple on plane yelling racist and homophobic slurs were asked to deboard and they refused and made it everyone’s problem. West Palm Beach FL from PublicFreakout