Couple arrested after faking baby’s birth and death for money

A Pennsylvanian couple is now behind bars after they allegedly faked a pregnancy, the baby’s birth, and the baby’s death in order to scam their friends and others out of money and gifts.

Officials say the couple Kaycee and Geoffrey Lang of Somerset, were arrested after one of their friends contacted authorities about the couple’s allegations.

The friend told authorities that she became suspicious after photos of the child posted on the couple’s Facebook page matched the appearance of a “look-a-like new born baby doll.” The friend then contacted the funeral home and was told that the alleged baby was not cremated there as the couple suggested.

That’s when the friend contacted authorities.

Investigators later found that the couple faked the pregnancy and hosted a baby shower where they received at least several hundred dollars in cash and in gifts.

The couple then announced the birth of the baby on July 3rd and hours later announced that the baby passed away due to “respiratory distress syndrome.”

The couple then made a Gofundme page where they raised $500 for the child’s funeral.

They have since been charged with theft by unlawful taking or disposition, theft by deception and receiving stolen property.