Could Insect-Eating Dogs Help Climate Change?

owner caressing gently her dog

There is good news for environmentalists wanting to save rainforests. In place of feeding your dog Brazilian beef, you can now supplement black soldier flies into their diet. There are pet food manufacturers that have decided to swap out beef for insects because beef cattle are raised on soya. Soya plantations are responsible for large amounts of greenhouse gases. “Insects can be a very useful source of protein,” said pet diet expert Aarti Kathrani. “More studies are needed to show how much of these nutrients can actually be absorbed by a dog’s body – but some studies suggest that insects can provide nutrients for dogs.” Feline food is also in the mix. Kathrani says that there are insects that can provide a much needed amino acid for cats called taurine. What impact do you think pet food made out of insects has on the overall environment? What are your thoughts on pet food made out of insects? Would you feed it to your pet?



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