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Cops Rescue Kidnapped Woman from Van Converted into a Cage

A Los Angeles man is behind bars after police said he kidnapped a woman and kept her in the back of his van which he had converted into a cage.

The frightening rescue took place in Alabama and was captured on police body-cam Sunday.

The victim suffered more than 30 blows to the head with a tire iron, police said. She is recovering at home.

The suspect was identified as Sean Sanders, a homeless man from L.A. with an extensive and violent criminal record, according to police.

Police said Sanders had tried to drag the victim into the woods when a witness heard her screams.

Sanders then forced the woman into the van and fled. Thankfully, the good Samaritan followed behind and called police.

“I didn’t have all the facts. The only thing I did know was that I wasn’t going to let him leave without the police checking it out,” said witness Jay Bostic.

Authorities cornered Sanders, but he refused to give up, holding the victim at knife-point in the back of the van.

Police eventually Tased Sanders as they pulled the woman to safety.

Police report that the back of the vehicle was converted into a cage with wire and blankets covering the windows, and the doors were chained shut.

Sanders is behind bars and facing a list of felony charges.