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Computer Model Has Dire Death Forecast For Florida

Computer models show that the worst is yet to come in terms of deaths from COVID-19.

And Florida is several weeks away from the apex of the illness according to The charts below show projected hospital resource use based on COVID-19 deaths. The model assumes continued social distancing until the end of May 2020.

The University of Washington study predicts the number of COVID-19 cases won’t peak until May in Florida

According to the study, the state could run out of hospital beds, ICU beds and ventilators on May Third.

Also, deaths could exceed 100 per day, and after the virus runs its course, deaths could exceed 10-thousand in Florida.

The coronavirus death toll continues to surge in the U.S. Data from Johns Hopkins University shows the respiratory illness has now claimed over four-thousand lives as of Tuesday night. The number of confirmed cases was nearing 190-thousand. Roughly half of all cases are in New York and New Jersey.

California, Michigan and Florida finish out the top five for states with the most cases.

The coronavirus is having its deadliest impact on South Florida. Of the state’s 85 deaths from COVID-19, more than 30 are in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Palm Beach has the most deaths in the state with 14, while Broward has 12 and Miami-Dade has seven.