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Compassionate 10-year-old girl from Boca Raton writes songs about children’s mental health issues

During the pandemic kids are feeling trapped in the house and not really able to express themselves creatively or verbally.

Fourth grader Eden Gross is taking matters into her own hands by writing songs that help kids through these difficult times. Eden Gross’s song lyrics are deep and compassionate.

She loves to perform and has a plethora of interests that include, hip-hop, cello and writing songs.

Gross wrote a song called “Shadows on the Wall” that expresses the struggles that the children of today are feeling.

She turned her fears into a song about hope.

With lyrics like “You got to look in your heart, try to find the brave inside,” Gross sings.

This young lady is awesome and really wants to help other kids heal and express their true feelings about the pandemic.

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