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“Commie Claus” Santa Makes Kid Cry When He Says No To His Nerf Gun Wish

We know some kids cry when they meet Santa, but it’s not normally because the fake Santa tells them NO!

It happened to this poor kid in an Illinois mall when he asked this Santa for a new Nerf gun. When Santa heard the request, he said “no guns.”

The little boy clarified that it is a Nerf gun, not a real gun. But even then, the out of line Santa says, “no, not even a Nerf gun.”

You have to see this to believe it.

But, while you watch this poor kid get his heart broken by this moron, keep in mind that the mall has since corrected this mistake by having a real Santa deliver Nerf guns to his house. So he got his wish after all.

And the “Commie Santa” has resigned.