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‘Colonoscopy 1’; Internet asked to help name probe flying to Uranus

Spacex Astronauts Return
In this image made from NASA TV video, the SpaceX Dragon capsule is retrieved from the Gulf of Mexico near the Florida Panhandle early Sunday, May 2, 2021. SpaceX returned four astronauts from the International Space Station on Sunday, making the first U.S. crew splashdown in darkness since the Apollo 8 moonshot. (NASA TV via AP)

They didn’t know they’d be entering messy territory…

Ice Giant Missions, an unofficial Twitter account advocating for future exploration to our Solar System’s outer planets, boldly encouraged users to help name a ‘theoretical probe bound for Uranus.’

As expected, the public did not take the proposition seriously, and piles of puns flooding the comments.

“This seems like the perfect time for ‘Astroglide’ to sponsor space exploration,” one user wrote.

“You’re really asking the internet to name a probe going to Uranus? You really thought this would turn out well?”
“It should just be called George,” another commentator suggested. “Just because it would both be hilariously plain, and a great nod to the Planets original name.”

Many respondents chose to probe deeper into the discussion, offering scientifically accurate suggestions ranging from Voyager, Juno, Herschel, and Hipparchus.

The most popular of the names was Caelus, the ‘primal god of the skies’ and counterpart to Roman god Uranus.

Although NASA has not made announcements on exploratory missions to the Ice Giant, the space agency notoriously pioneered expeditions to Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn.

The highly coveted Artemis program aims to plant humans back on the moon, however the first launch, Artemis 1, was delayed to Sep. 27 due to technical difficulties.