CNN’s New Years Eve Goes Off The Rails

CNN reporter Randi Kaye, sporting large marijuana leaf styled earrings, lit a bong for a pot smoker during a live report from Denver broadcast on CNN’s New Year’s Eve show Sunday night that was hosted from Times Square by Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen. Kaye was also seen several times holding lit joints on air.

Also Don Lemon anchored the network’s annual NYE countdown show alongside co-host Brooke Baldwin and the pair kept up their reputation for getting fully involved in the festivities. Last year’s show he had vented on-air about his love life, saying “I always live my life to the very fullest but I need a bit more balance in my life. I may be open to a relationship this year, I wasn’t before.” Cut to NYE 2017, and the pair were back again, reporting from a bar in New Orleans.



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