CNN, Univision to host March Democratic debate in Arizona, a 2020 battleground

ABC News

ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- The Democratic National Committee announced Friday afternoon the 11th Democratic debate will be held on March 15 in Phoenix, Arizona and will be hosted in tandem by CNN and Univision.

The political counterpart to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, CHC BOLD, will also be a partner in the debate.

The qualifications have yet to be announced by the DNC, though the debate falls after Super Tuesday where nearly 40% of the Democratic delegates will be allocated.

"Arizona is a battleground state and it’s clear Democrats can win here at every level of the ballot," DNC Chair Tom Perez said in a statement. "After historic Democratic victories in 2018, we’re putting the Republicans on defense in the Grand Canyon State."

He added, "This debate will showcase our Democratic presidential candidates, highlight Trump’s record of broken promises and make it clear that Democrats are fighting to give Arizonans a better future."

It will be the first debate co-hosted by CHC Bold's PAC, and with a vast Hispanic electorate, will likely bring Latinx issues to the forefront of the primary.

"The Hispanic Caucus is setting a precedent and making it clear that Latino voters shall not be taken for granted. Latinos are a growing force of positive change in America. This debate marks a historic opportunity for our Caucus and candidates to lift up our message of empowering Latinos on the national stage," Tony Cárdenas, chairman of CHC BOLD's PAC, said in a statement. "Latino voters are the largest minority voting bloc and will be the path for Democrats to win in swing states across the country. We are proud to bring this debate to Phoenix, the backyard of Hispanic Caucus Members and Arizonans, Rep. Ruben Gallego and Rep. Raul Grijalva."

He continued, "With so much at stake for Latino families in the upcoming election, CHC BOLD PAC is honored to have the opportunity to engage Latino voters across the country and help voters decide who will be our party’s nominee and the next President of the United States."

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