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Child’s father charged for gun that accidentally ended up in Broward elementary school student’s backpack

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LAUDERDALE LAKES, FL– A 34-year-old father is facing several charges after a loaded gun was found in his child’s backpack.
The discovery was made on Tuesday at Park Lakes Elementary School, after the father Rasheed Anderson, called the school to let them know that he needed to pick up the child’s backpack.
An administrator looked inside of the child’s bag and found a green 9mm handgun, and called the police.
According to the report, the gun was loaded and had a round in the chamber.
The school was placed on a lockdown until administrators could locate the student’s other sibling to check for other weapons.
When Anderson arrived at the school, authorities spoke to him before searching his vehicle:
“Deputies made contact with the student and the child’s father, who stated he accidentally placed the weapon in the wrong bag,” the statement read in part.
In Anderson’s vehicle, authorities located two more guns stored on the passenger side. At least one of the guns was reported stolen out of Hollywood.
Anderson was charged with one count of unsafe storage of a firearm, and two counts of possession of a firearm. He also faces a disruption of a school function charge and his vehicle was towed from the scene.