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Children lead police to bloody scene with mother lying in bathtub

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Three brave children lead the police to a horrific scene at their home in San Antonio, Texas.

San Antonio Police are confused after a woman was found lying in a bathtub with critical wounds after her children alerted the police officers to a bloody scene at an east side apartment.

The incident started around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday when three children ages 4,5, and 8, were found walking alone near the Chevron gas station on E. Houston Street near Interstate 10 in San Antonio, TX.

The children told police that they thought “mommy was dead.”

When police arrived at the Antioch Village Apartments on Upland Road, they found the woman bleeding heavily in bathtub with severe puncture wounds to her legs and stomach.

EMS workers provided life-saving measures on the woman due to severe blood loss.

She was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition.

Police are striving to find out if these wounds were self-inflicted or she was a victim of a violent crime.

Investigators were told that the woman’s boyfriend was at the apartment at some point during the event, but they’ve been unable to locate him.