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Child injured after babysitter put him in dryer and turned it on

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A 35-year-old babysitter has been arrested after an investigation found that she reportedly put a four-year-old boy inside of a dryer.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office says they started investigating Amber Christine Chapman in February after the child’s parents took him to the hospital because he began complaining on pain and they noticed several bruises on his body.

While at the hospital the child told hospital staff that his injuries were due to “Miss Amber” putting him in the dryer with some towels.

Child protective services took the child back to the home where he demonstrated what Chapman did.

Chapman, however, denied putting the child in the machine and refused to work with investigators any further than that.

While child protective services say they were unable to determine that the child’s injuries came directly from being placed in the dryer, they did say that the injuries are consistent with the action.