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Child hospitalized in car fire while mother went shoplifting in mall

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Oviedo, FL — A Florida mom is facing aggravated child abuse charges after she left her small children unattended in a vehicle to go shoplifting inside of a mall.
The incident occurred on May 26 outside a Dillard’s department store at Oviedo Mall.
Officials say 24-year-old Alicia Moore was caught on surveillance video shoplifting inside of the Dillards with an unknown male.
After about an hour of shoplifting, Moore began leaving the store and she noticed the vehicle she left her small children unattended in was on fire.
Officials say Moore dropped the items and ran to the vehicle.
Thankfully a passerby noticed the car fire and was able to get the children out of the vehicle.
At least one of the children was taken to a hospital with burns to her face and ears.
Moore has been charged with aggravated child abuse and arson.
Officials say while they are unsure what caused the fire, they charged Moore with arson because she was allegedly committing a felony when the fire occurred.