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Child dies during police pursuit of kidnapping suspect

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Authorities in Jacksonville are reporting that a 5-year-old girl has died during a police pursuit of a kidnapping suspect.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office reported that they received a call about a kidnapping in progress on Thursday.

An officer eventually located the vehicle involved in the kidnapping and attempted to approach the driver.

When the driver spotted the officer, they fled the scene.

Officers followed the vehicle for about 30 miles on the interstate when the driver attempted to take one of the exits.

Instead of driving off the exit, the driver accidently drove off of the ramp and into a pond.

Several officer jump into the pond and apprehended the suspect, however, they could not locate the child.

The local fire department arrived at the scene and located the child’s body at the bottom of the pond.

It is unclear what relationship the suspect had with the child, however,  spokesperson Christian Hancock of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office reported that the suspect and the child knew each other.