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Child care costs rise with inflation and parents are left to foot the bill

Inflation has been a growing concern among regular citizens all over the country. Families are pinching every penny to keep up with the cost of groceries, gas, mortgages and rental costs. Along with these expenses comes the cost of child care and hundreds of families fear they wont be able to afford it as prices start to balloon, according to WPTV.

LaTasha Arnold, mother of two and owner of Iron Hair Maiden at Sola Salon Studios in West Palm Beach, says, finding child care will be nearly impossible once the school year ends.

While many parents turn to summer camp as a form of child care while school is out, Arnold has said even that is too expensive. The cost of a nine week summer camp is $1,584.

The Early Learning Coalition (ELC) helps to provide scholarships to parents who need help paying for child care. They are currently working with around 800 families who are hoping to be eligible for these funds.

With so many families applying to these scholarships, the ELC has had to draw up a wait list. Applicantions will be reviewed in the order that they have been applied and by priority.  If the parents applying are seeking to enroll a 3 year old child, that case would take priority.

To get started enrolling a child in a scholarship program to help pay for their care while school is out, call the Child Care Resource and Referral line at 561-514-3300. Parents and legal gaurdians can also apply online at www.elcpalmbeach.org.