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Chicago to pay $2.9 million to woman after home wrongly raided by police

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Chicago is expected to pay a woman $2.9 million dollars after she was handcuffed naked while her home was mistakenly raided by police.

The incident took place in February of 2019.

According to the report, Anjanette Young who is a social worker, had just returned home from work when authorities executing a search warrant accidently went to her apartment. Police used a battering ram to break down her door and entered the apartment with guns drawn.

Authorities then handcuffed Young who was naked at the time, and attempted to cover her body with blankets as she laid on the floor.

Ten minutes after entering Young’s home, authorities allowed Young to get dressed but kept her in handcuffs for another 10 minutes as they tried to figure out if she was the target of the search warrant or if she had any connection to them.

Authorities eventually found that Young had no connection to the suspect and released her.

A police video showing Young naked and upset was also released to the public by CBS Chicago, after a judge rejected an emergency motion to prevent them from airing it.

In February, Young filed a lawsuit naming the city and 12 police officers as defendants saying that police officials failed to independently investigate and verify the place to be searched.

Chicago’s Finance Council committee recommended the payment on Monday and a full City Council will review the recommendation on Wednesday.

Those with knowledge close to council members state that the full council usually always goes with the recommendations of the Finance council.