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Chess grandmaster denies cheating with ‘anal beads’ after beating #1 ranked player Magnus Carlsen

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(ST. LOUIS, MO) – Chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, ranked #1 in the world, was never expected to lose a match…until he did.

19-year-old Hans Niemann of San Fransisco bested Carlsen’s 53-game winning streak at the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis Sept. 4. in what was deemed by spectators to be an ‘impossible’ game.

The staggering win rocked the chess world, instigating wild rumors and speculation that the grandmaster used electronic ‘anal beads.’

Conspiracy theorists claim an apprentice spectating the match sent coded instructions in ‘morse code’ by using the vibrations of the sex toy to alert grandmaster Niemann of the winning move.

The unanticipated allegation prompted commentators, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk, to express remarks on the hidden ploy.

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit, genius hits a target no one can see (cause it’s in ur butt),” Musk wrote in a removed tweet, pipping into the conspiracy and sharing a video of a YouTube creator discussing the beaded rumors.

The staggering win even evoked grandmaster Carlsen to announce he’s “withdrawing from the tournament,” and “hopes to be back in the future.”

Following the scandal, Niemann was banned from chess.com and uninvited from their Global Championship, according to the Guardian.

“We have invited Neimann to provide an explanation and response with the hope of finding a resolution where Neimann can again participate on Chess.com,” the company said in a statement.

The grandmaster has denied all allegations of cheating, taking a stand against the challenging rumors: “I’m not going to let Chess.com, I’m not going to let Magnus Carlsen, I’m not going to let Hikaru Nakamura, the three arguably biggest entities in chess, simply slander my reputation because the question is — why are they going to remove me from Chess.com right after I beat Magnus?”