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Charges dropped against a parent accused of threatening to burn down a school


Charges have been dropped against a man accused of threatening to burn down his son’s school over their mask mandate policy.

According to reports, Mark Polyakov, 37, is accused of threatening to burn down Hillel School private Jewish institution where his 4-year-old son once attended. Polyakov texted a parent chat on February 8th saying, “I will burn this school down,” followed by another message that read, “My attorneys are preparing.”

The attorney representing Polyakov said his client’s messages were taken out of context.

Polyakov said that message is a clear indication he was not making a threat against the school. He told the judge he “threatened to sue the school legally.”

Polyakov said “I always had the intent to go after them with all legal matters for negligence, for whatever my understanding of the mask policy was, but in the end, what they did, was with the intent to harm me. I spent a night in jail.”

His son was also expelled from the institution.