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Chaos ensues as Tennessee fans tear down goalposts after first Alabama win in 16 years

(KNOXVILLE, TN) — Nothing screams ‘college football’ more than this.

Outbreak ensued seconds after Tennessee took down Alabama 52-49, the first time in 16 years, and avid fans of the team were quick to celebrate in typical collegiate fashion: tearing down the goalposts.

Spectators captured a stampede of an estimated 100,000 Tennessee fans storming the Neyland Stadium’s field.

Videos from the stadium show thousands of exhilarated fans tearing down the goalposts, and within minutes, carrying the posts outside of the stadium and into the streets of Knoxville. Fans made the journey to the Tennessee river, where they threw the goalposts in to live forever.


Instead of fetching them from the river, The Athletics Department of the University of Tennessee encouraged fans to support a fundraiser for $150,000 to replace the goalposts, in preparation for the next game against the UT Martin Skyhawks.

“Y’all remember how we tore the goalposts down, hauled em out of Neyland and dumped em in the Tennessee River? Yeah that was awesome,” the Tennessee Football account wrote on Twitter Sunday afternoon. “Anywho, turns out that in order to play next week’s game, we need goalposts on our field. Could y’all help us out?”

The Athletics Department has reached over $67,792 from 1695 donors as of early Monday morning.