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CDC: Deadly Listeria outbreak traced back to Florida

Ashley Sabol
Microbiologist Ashley Sabol extracts Listeria bacteria for genome sequencing in a foodborne disease outbreak lab at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Monday, Nov. 25, 2013, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

(FLORIDA) — The CDC says a deadly food-borne illness has been traced back to Florida.

Most of the people who got sick from the Listeria outbreak live in or traveled to Florida about a month before they got sick, according to the CDC.

One person had died and 22 required hospitalization and the offending food has not been identified.

Symptoms of Listeria include fever, muscle aches, diarrhea, headache, confusion and convulsions.

Almost everyone diagnosed with Listeriosis has an infection that has spread outside the gastrointestinal tract.

Pregnant women, especially Hispanic, are 10 times more likely to contract Listeriosis, according to doctors.

Listeriosis can be treated with antibiotics.

Cook meat thoroughly.
Clean raw fruits and vegetables thoroughly.
Keep raw meats and poultry separate from vegetables and from cooked foods.
Do not drink unpasteurized milk or eat foods that contain unpasteurized milk.
Wash hands, utensils and countertops after handling uncooked foods.

Recommendations for persons at high risk:
Do not eat hot dogs, cold cuts, other deli meats, or fermented or dry sausages unless they are cooked properly.
Do not eat refrigerated meat spreads and pâtés.
Do not eat soft cheese unless it is labeled as made with pasteurized milk.
Do not eat refrigerated smoked seafood, unless it is in a cooked dish or it is canned.