CBP Video Shows Migrants Using Ladder to Climb Border Fence

A video taken January 24th by a U.S. Border Patrol surveillance camera shows migrants, mostly Gutemalan asylum seekers climbing over a border fence with a ladder on the Mexican side near Yuma, Arizona.
Agents say most were families traveling with children.
At one point a three year old child falls to the ground but was reportedly not hurt.
The use of the ladder to scale the border fence further bolsters President Trump’s promise to build a wall.
Customs and Border Protection on Wednesday released the security-camera footage of the incident involving 118 migrants. About 86 percent of them were families traveling together, the agency said.
The video shows several migrants dropping to the ground, after scaling the 18-foot-tall, bollard-style fence, in an area about three miles east of the San Luis commercial border crossing.
Monday’s breach happened about a mile from where 376 asylum seekers dug holes to tunnel under the bollard fence last week. That group was the single, largest group that agents had encountered in the area, according to CBP.