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China Lands Spacecraft on Far Side of the Moon

Cue Pink Floyd’s 1973 hit album, because the dark side of the moon has finally been landed on thanks to a Chinese spacecraft. A lunar explorer named “Chang’e 4” landed on the far side of the moon at 10:26 a.m. Thursday. The moon’s far side gets its name for facing the opposite direction of the […]

U.S. Military Apologizes For Bomb-Related NYE Tweet

Military officials are apologizing for a since-deleted New Year’s Eve tweet that came off as a joke about dropping nuclear bombs. The since-deleted tweet from U.S. Strategic Command shared video of a B2 bomber and read “#TimesSquare tradition rings in the #NewYear by dropping the big ball… if ever needed, we are #ready to drop […]

Roger Federer Beats Serena Williams in Historic Tennis Battle

Serena Williams and Roger Federer are considered the greatest men’s and women’s tennis players of all time. They squared off against each other in Australia for a doubles match. Federer won. Collectively they have 43 grand slam titles and earned more than $100 million in prize money and endorsements. Federer said of Williams, she is one […]

Karen's Mission of Mercy to War-torn Croatia

27 years-ago Croatia declared independence and dissolved its association with Yugoslavia. At that time I was in the country with my photographer from WPBF Channel 25 delivering $2 million in medical supplies from St. Mary’s Hospital in West Palm Beach to the war-torn region. They didn’t even have anesthesia. (Photo: Karen Curtis, Health Specialist WPBF […]

Harvey Weinstein Rape Case Will Go To Trial

Harvey Weinstein is headed to trial in a rape case after a judge moved the case forward on Wednesday. The judge declined a request by Weinstein’s attorneys to dismiss the charges and set a pretrial court date for March 7th. Weinstein is charged earlier this year with raping a woman in 2013 and forcing another […]

Alabama Police Blame Murders on Satan

Apparently, the devil made them do it. The Opp, Alabama Police Department has come under fire after blaming an uptick in homicides on young people who have “embraced Satan.” Opp police shared their theory in a message posted on Facebook earlier this week, also suggesting that two fatal shootings in Covington County may have been […]

Popeyes Chicken Campaign Ruffles Feathers

A holiday-themed marketing campaign by the Popeyes chicken chain isn’t producing the tender moments the company had in mind. In fact, it’s ruffling quite a few feathers. Reacting to the upswing in holiday travelers who fly with emotional support animals, the franchise is offering “emotional support chicken” — only instead of providing companionship, Popeyes chicken […]

Do You Skip Out on Meals Before Drinking?

If you have ever found yourself skipping out on meals in order to save calories for alcohol, you may have been participating in what is being called “drunkorexia.” Drunkorexia is when someone opts not to eat a meal knowing they will be drinking later. This practice, while seemingly harmful, could actually lead to an eating […]