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Ex-Google Worker Fears ‘Killer Robots’

Laura Nolan is concerned, very concerned, why? Because she fears that a new generation of autonomous weapons could accidentally start a war. Nolan resigned from Google last year in protest over having to work on a project that would dramatically enhance U.S. military drone technology. She’s gone as far as to say that these so-called […]

It’s the Andrew Yang sweepstakes! $1,000 to 10 Families Each Month

And are you ready to sign up for Andrew Yang’s $1,000 a month giveaway contest? It’s an intriguing campaign concept for sure, ten families receiving $1,000 a month for a year. Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has proposed just that as part of what he calls his Freedom Dividend. Yang actually wants the federal government […]

What’s Up with Joe Biden’s Teeth?

The shifting teeth in Former Vice President Joe Biden’s mouth got more focus than what was coming out of it last night during the third Democratic debate in Houston, Texas. He struggled to answer a question on gun control prompting viral claims that his teeth were falling out. ABC News host David Muir had asked […]

Congressman Brian Mast Evicted from WPB VA Hospital

Congressman Brian Mast joins Jen and Bill on the South Florida Morning Show to talk about being evicted from his office at the West Palm Beach VA hospital. He told Jen and Bill that he was being evicted from the West Palm hospital by the undersecretary of the VA. He intends to take his case […]

Why is the new iphone 11 triggering people? Oh boy

Following a hailstorm of criticism over complaints that the new iPhone 11’s lens cluster triggers reactions from people suffering from a fear of holes, a scientist has come forward to say trypophobia is a very real — and troublesome — illness. Geoff Cole, a visual scientist at England’s University of Essex, says trypophobia can manifest […]

Apparently, bison are not big fans of AC/DC

So, what is the proper procedure to get bison off the road? Just blast AC/DC. That’s what Montana state police did anyway when this bison would not move out of the way at Yellowstone National Park.

Deer Photo Bombs Wedding Pics, Eats Bouquet

Usually the bride tosses the bouquet to the bridesmaids after the wedding, but in this case, a deer that photo-bombed their wedding pics ate it. Deer photo-bombs wedding pictures, eats bride's bouquet — Fábio (@Fabiolucv) September 10, 2019 The soon-to-be married couple, identified only as Morgan and Luke, were posing for their wedding […]