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Sen. John Kennedy Always Has The Best Quotes, But These Take The Cake

Senator John Kennedy Is The Best 😂 ON $3T VIRUS PACKAGE: WE TRIED TO SEE THINGS FROM PELOSI’S POINT OF VIEW 👉BUT WE CAN’T GET OUR HEADS THAT FAR UP OUR REAR ENDS 😂 👉The Bill Is Dead As Fried Chicken 🍗 🙋🏼‍♂️I think any fair-minded 🇺🇸would agree ⁦#Obamagate — ❌🇺🇸Steve🇺🇸🇺🇸America First🇺🇸🇮🇹MAGA🇺🇸KAG (@SJPFISH) May […]

Priest Uses Squirt Gun To Bless His Parishioners

With socially distant church services the norm in many places around the world, how does one receive a blessing from afar? Father Tim Pelc had the answer; filling up a squirt gun with holy water and blasting away at his congregation. For Easter week services last month, the Detroit area priest went out into St. […]

Bull Knocks Out Electricity to 800 Homes by Scratching Butt on Power Pole

A bull with an itchy butt is being blamed for a power outage that left more than 800 homes in Scotland without electricity. The 4-year-old bull, named Ron, attempted to relieve his “itchy bum” by rubbing it on a power pole, according to his owner, Hazel Laughton. In doing so, Ron knocked down an 11,000-volt […]

Here’s What “Unmasking” Means And Why This Story Really Matters

By Stephen Diener Something has really bothered me over the past 24 hours when it comes to the Michael Flynn “unmasking” story. Namely, the fact that this has the real potential to be the biggest political scandal of our life time, (yes, bigger than Watergate) and yet the majority doesn’t seem to understand why, or […]

Babe Ruth Autographed Baseball Up For Sale At An Odd Location

So what do you buy when you shop a Costco? Milk, eggs, a Babe Ruth autographed baseball… Wait, what? Yes, that’s right. If you are a big time sports collector and a Costco member, you can now purchase a real life Babe Ruth baseball along with your groceries and other necessities. And it will only […]