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Florida Woman Arrested for Asking 911 How to File for Divorce

A woman in Florida was arrested for misusing 911. She called and text 911 to make non-criminal complaints about her husband. She would call and text to ask for things like a counselor and how to file for a divorce. Police went to her home early Friday morning and found her highly intoxicated. Leave it […]

Petition to move the Super Bowl to Saturday goes viral

Frankie Ruggeri, a 16 year old boy is arguing for something that we have all wanted for years. Move the Super Bowl to Saturday! He argues that having the Super Bowl on a Saturday will bring more money, more viewers and more tourism dollars. Not to mention that the Monday after the big game is […]

Our Interview With Lara Trump

Lara Trump joined the show to discuss the impeachment trial of her father in law. Plus, she answers the question, could we see a Trump rally in NYC or California?

Super Bowl 50 prop bets

When the Chiefs and 49ers meet in the Super Bowl in two weeks, the game won’t be the only thing you can make a wager on. Prop bets range from which automaker’s commercial will air first to will a Hyundai commercial say “masshole?” Other favorites include – will Billy Ray Cyrus be in a Doritos […]

Florida Man Hiding in Pond Busted after Coming up for Air

It happens all the time in action movies: Someone being pursued by authorities successfully avoids capture by jumping into a pond or lake and hides underwater until the danger has passed. In real life, however, the stunt doesn’t always work so well — especially when the runner needs air to stay alive. A Florida man […]