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Miami Cop Survives After Drunk Driver Destroys Patrol Car

A South Florida police officer escaped nearly unscathed after a drunk driver crashed into and destroyed his patrol car early Saturday morning. According to Miami Gardens police, the unnamed driver was speeding on the Palmetto Expressway around 3:20 a.m., when he crashed into Police Officer V. Velez. The impact destroyed Velez’s car. On Saturday, December […]

Woman Charged with Shooting Puppies

A Virginia woman is behind bars, after she was charged with killing six puppies and throwing their remains over an embankment. The Sheriff’s Office charged 39-year-old Betty G. Hemp with six counts of felony animal cruelty as well as six misdemeanor charges for illegal dumping. She was released on $2,500 bond on Thursday. The bodies […]

CA Utility Could Face Charges for Wildfires

California’s biggest public utility provider could be subject to murder or manslaughter charges if it is found responsible for causing that state’s deadly wildfires last month, according to documents filed by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra. The documents state that Pacific Gas & Electric Co., or PG&E, could face criminal offenses ranging from minor misdemeanors […]

New Refrigerator Explodes in WPB Home

A West Palm Beach family narrowly escaped harm when their four-month-old refrigerator suddenly exploded on Saturday morning. According to Mark Ligondie, “I was in my room. I was asleep and I just heard the bang.” The force of the blast caused significant damage to several rooms. Lingondie adds, “There were fumes coming everywhere,” and that […]

Police Arrest Man Headed to Church to "Fulfill Prophecy"

Police officers in San Antonio, Texas are breathing a sigh of relief. According to a Facebook post, they arrested a man on Sunday who told them he was headed to a church with a gun in order to “fulfill what he called a prophecy.” An officer noticed that the man, identified as 33-year-old Tony Albert, […]

Food Court Fight Leads to Panic, 18 Hurt at FL Mall

Sheriff’s officials near Orlando say that 18 people were injured at a mall on Saturday, when a crowd fled loud noises they thought were gunfire. According to Orange County Sheriff’s Office Master Deputy Ingrid Tejada-Monforte, it was chairs being knocked over during an argument between a couple in the food court at The Florida Mall […]

American Doctor Being Monitored for Possible Ebola

An American doctor may have been exposed to Ebola recently while he was offering medical assistance in Congo. According to a news release from the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health, the unidentified doctor will be monitored at its location in Omaha, home to one of America’s few dedicated bio-containment units. Ted […]

Man Jailed After Boating Incident

A local man is in jail following a boating accident that occurred in the Lake Worth Inlet on Saturday evening. According to Palm Beach Police, the U.S. Coast Guard called Riviera Beach Fire Rescue after a boat crashed into some rocks. When Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission officials arrived to help, they found the boat’s […]

Florida Man Gets 10 Years After Dogs Attack Deputies

A Florida man will spend the next decade behind bars, after making his pit bulls attack deputies who were arresting his wife. According to reports, 28-year-old David William Trappman was sentenced this week by a jury in Santa Rosa County. He was charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer. Prosecutors say that deputies […]

Cyberattack Zaps Sun-Sentinel, Other Large Newspapers

Some of America’s largest and best-known newspapers may have fallen victim to a foreign cyberattack this weekend. Papers owned by Tribune Publishing, including The Los Angeles Times and The San Diego Union-Tribune, were not able to print or distribute the news due to the incident. The company says that malware was discovered on its servers […]