The Rockefeller Christmas Tree Is Basically 2020 Encapsulated – What Happened?!

Ladies and Gentlemen – the Christmas tree has arrived at Rockefeller Center in NYC. Left pic is how it looked when it was cut down. Right pic is how it arrived. Welcome to 2020. pic.twitter.com/bKSq87BVP1 — đź’™ Depoetic (@Depoetic) November 17, 2020 The Rockefeller Christmas tree in New York is being called “sad” but it […]

Opinion: Here’s How Trump Will Shock The World Once Again, Win Re-election

By Stephen Diener The phrase, “and now the moment you’ve all been waiting for” really takes on a new meaning today. After all the commercials, text messages, mail advertisements, and rallies, we have finally reached the preverbal finish line…hopefully…where we will find out who the winner of the 2020 election will be. Everyone from your […]

How and Why Trump is Going to Win a Second Term – In Under 5 Minutes

By Stephen Diener Here’s what you really need to realize before election day.   PS, some added predictions that are not in the video…Trump is going to score a record number of latino, black, and female voters. Plus, he is going to win Miami – Dade County! All of those things will be huge contributing […]

Opinion: Why The New Case Numbers Will Mislead You

By Stephen Diener  July 12th, 2020 If you’re only paying attention to the daily case count of new coronavirus positives, than you are sadly not getting the whole picture. The headline that grabbed everyone’s attention earlier today reported a one day record of 15,300 new cases of Covid-19 in the state of Florida. And to […]