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Human-sized jellyfish spotted in England

Mutant fish? Now how about a giant jellyfish? A biologist and broadcaster in England says she discovered a human-sized jellyfish while exploring the south-western coast’s waters as part of her campaign “Wild Ocean Week.” Lizzie Daly, described her encounter as an “an unforgettable experience.” “I know barrel jellyfish get really big in size but I […]

Florida Man falls from the sky onto Car

A dealership in Fort Myers, Florida, found one of their cars had been heavily damaged overnight. This is what they found when they checked the security cameras!

Car swallowed by Sink Hole!

A car in Dale City, Virginia, disappeared as it was swallowed whole by a large sinkhole. Hope the owner had good insurance!

Family Brawl at Disneyland

Kids in Toontown park at Disneyland, California on Saturday were treated to a surprisingly violent brawl between two couples. So much for the happiest place on earth!

36-year-old man arrested after being caught licking ice cream in a store

A 36-year-old man who was reportedly inspired by a teen’s video showing her licking ice cream in a store before putting it back on the shelf for another person to purchase, has been arrested. Police say they arrested Lenise Martin III Saturday after receiving a tip from a grocery store in Louisiana that Martin III […]