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Florida man calls the Police on comedian due to his joke

Authorities in Naples are reporting that they received a phone call from a man about a comedy show because he disliked a joke told by an Egyptian- American comedian. The incident occurred Saturday at the Off The Hook Comedy Club. According to the report, the caller contacted police on Sunday, a day after the show, […]

Car Mauled by Bear

Some unlucky Colorado car owner had his vehicle destroyed by a bear that is also assumed to have broken into homes in the area.

Home Invaders flee after Gun Fight with Owner

Four home invaders were caught on surveillance kicking in a door at a home in Bowling Green, Kentucky. After a brief shoot out, the suspects flee and homeowner Austin Orwig, 24, was shot in the hand and taken to the hospital. Police say the home invaders could face charges of attempted murder and first-degree burglary.

Watch: Russian President Vladimir Putin eats it on ice

Russian President Vladimir Putin was taking a victory lap after a hockey game when he ate it on the ice. The Russian leader appears to have tripped over a carpet on the rink. He was helped off the ground by fellow hockey players and once he was on his feet kept on waving. The Russian strongman’s […]

Deputies wrestle alligator near FL bus stop

Thursday morning, deputies in Golden Gate, Florida were dispatched to an area near a school bus stop after reports of a giant alligator. Two deputies and a trapper successfully removed the 9-foot gator. Children were reportedly at the scene but were not harmed. No other information is available at this time.