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Carjacking suspect confesses to murder

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Orange County Police

Authorities in Orlando are investigating after a man taken into custody for a carjacking later confessed to murder.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department says that they responded to the scene of an armed carjacking Sunday to find a man suffering from a stab wound.

The man told them that a man slashed him with a box cutter and then took off with his vehicle.

The victim was taken to an area hospital where he was treated for his wounds.

Authorities were able to identify the suspect as 33-year-old transient Alexander Acs and located him a day later.

When Acs was in custody, he told police that he killed another man a week prior to getting caught. He then reportedly led authorities to the man’s body.

“During the interview with robbery detectives, Alexander confessed to the carjacking and indicated he had also killed someone prior to the carjacking incident,” as stated in the arrest affidavit emailed to Oxygen.com. “Alexander then rode with and provided detectives with directions from the sheriff’s office… where the body of the victim was located.”

Investigators were lead to an apartment complex and when they arrived, they noted the smell of decomposition.

Acs told police that he arrived in Orlando on the 7th in an attempt to locate his ex-girlfriend who pressed charges against him. He told authorities he planned to “take everything from her” before fleeing the country. When he arrived, he located an unnamed acquaintance of ex-girlfriend and followed him in hopes he’d lead him to her.

While Acs surveilled the acquaintance, an Uber driver introduced him another man named Lawson.

Acs told authorities he began working with Lawson to sell narcotics but found Lawson to be extremely disrespectful.

Acs then reportedly retrieved a large piece of asphalt and stored it on Lawson’s back porch.  On the 11th of January, he then tied Lawson up, muffled his screams with a sock, and beat him to death with the asphalt.

He then lowered the temperature of the apartment and “doused the house in lighter fluid” in hopes of concealing the smell of decomposition.

After killing Lawson, Acs then continued with his original plan of trying to locate his ex-girlfriend:

“Following the murder… Alexander wandered to Orlando, sleeping in the woods, while still surveilling the male friend, whom he believed would lead Alexander to his ex-girlfriend,” according to the affidavit. “On Sunday, Jan. 16, 2022, Alexander attempted to contact the male friend, which ultimately resulted in the carjacking situation that led to Alexander’s arrest.”

He has since been taken to the Orange County jail on charges of first-degree murder. Authorities also plan to add attempted murder and carjacking/robbery to his charge.