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Car thrown into home after thief abandons it on train tracks seconds before collision

France Strikes train tracks
(AP Photo/Laurent Cipriani)

A 38-year-old Florida man is now behind bars after he stole a vehicle which ended up being thrown into a home after he abandoned on train tracks.

The incident was reported early Saturday morning in Martin County.

Officials say the suspect reportedly left a bar and decided to steal a car in an effort to search for his own.

During his “search,” he somehow managed to get the vehicle stuck on a pair of railroad tracks as a train was headed in that direction.

The thief says he jumped out of the car seconds before it was struck by the train.

The impact of the train wreck sent the car flying into a nearby home where a family was sleeping inside.

The family was not injured.

After the incident, the man then attempted to steal a forklift from a nearby fruit stand.  When he saw authorities responding to the scene of the crash, he flagged them down to inquire about where his own vehicle was.

The suspect faces charges of grand theft and criminal mischief. Additional charges are expected.