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‘Cannibal’ actor’s aunt claims he’s ‘always been a monster’

(LOS ANGELES) – It’s rumored the actor ‘is having an old friend for dinner…’

Armie Hammer, the macabre Hollywood star notoriously bashed from the industry for his alleged ‘tastefully primitive kinks’, is facing heated backlash ahead of the release of “House of Hammer”, a docu-series detailing the ‘rise and fall of the Hammer family.’

The actor’s reputation was demolished when multiple women accused him of vile rape, assault, and ‘cannibalistic’ notions.

A leaked series of disturbing voice-recordings, texts, and private Instagram messages led to Hammer’s ‘exile’ in January 2021.

Hammer’s aunt claims his unsavory fantasies and behavior were ‘just a way of life’, according to The Daily Beast.

‘I wasn’t shocked when the allegations came forward,’ Casey Hammer said. ‘Based on my experiences in my family, I suffered from abuse. It was just a way of life.’

Casey claims this psychological pattern stemmed from ‘other men in the family.’

“Once [the allegations] started unfolding, I was like, here we go, another Hammer man and something that’s being said about them.”

Paige Lorenze, Hammer’s former lover, claims the actor carved the letter ‘A’ into her skin, and proceeded to ‘suck the blood out of her wound.’

Another woman alleges Hammer wanted to ‘remove her ribs, barbecue them, and consume them.’

The actor has since denied allegations of assault and rape.

The turmoil caused Hammer to go off-the-grid in the Cayman Islands, where he was repeatedly spotted working as a timeshare salesman.

The frenzy surrounding Hammer’s entanglements are expected to make a full rebound, as the new Discovery+ documentary “House of Hammer” will premiere this Friday.