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California mudslides trap residents, damage homes

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(MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif.) — Dangerous mudslides have trapped residents and damaged 20 to 25 homes in the coastal California county of Monterey, fire officials said.

Many have been rescued, but others are in homes cut off by mud and are awaiting help, according to the Monterey County Fire Department. Some houses have lost power.

It’s unclear how many people may be trapped.

The mudslides, which are near the burn scar area from last summer’s River Fire, come as rain pounds Monterey County. The River Fire burned 48,088 acres and destroyed 30 structures before being brought 100% under control on Sept. 4, 2020.

Burned soil is especially vulnerable to rain and can easily result in flash flooding and mudslides.

Evacuations have been ordered in the area.

With more rain in the forecast, Monterey County Fire Chief Michael Urquides told ABC News, “We’re preparing for the worst.”

ABC News’ Will Carr and Jeff Cook contributed to this report.

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