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California inmate serving life sentence recaptured after “human error” set him free

police Black and white close-up of silver handcuffs

Officials in Sacramento, California are reporting that an inmate who was mistakenly released from jail has been recaptured after a human error set him free.
The incident occurred during a transfer from the Tehachapi State Prison to the Sacramento County Main Jail on Wednesday night.
Authorities say 28-year-old Shaquille Lash was being transported to the Sacramento jail ahead of a Friday court date for unemployment fraud when an error made during the day shift made it appear to those on the night shift that Lash was eligible for parole.
Lash was released into the general public around 10 p.m. but was taken back into police the following day around 1 p.m.
Officials say in addition to the fraud scheme that involved four other people, Lash is serving a life sentence for carjacking and armed robbery with gang enhancements.
He has been imprisoned in San Joaquin County since May 2013 and not set to be considered for parole until 2035.