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Burglary suspect jailed after breaking into a Boca Raton home

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(PALM BEACH COUNTY, Florida)– A burglary suspect, 24-year-old Jamal James Rutledge, has been pulled off the streets and put in jail.

Rutledge, a Fort Lauderdale man, was apprehended along Fox Glen Drive in Boca Springs on Wednesday morning.

South Florida Task Force agents tracked Rutledge through the area and witnessed him breaking into a home through a sliding glass door.

Authorities descended on the scene, at which point Rutledge took off running, but was caught just a little later.

Investigators said he’s a member of a group of burglary suspects known for targeting homes in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Rutledge is facing a slew of charges including home burglary, resisting arrest, and violating probation.

He is currently in jail on a $94,000 bond and is due in court on Sept. 6.