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Burglary suspect at large after shooting at police

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Authorities are searching for a suspect who opened fire on them during a police chase.

The incident occurred Thursday morning at a home in  El Portal, Florida.

Officials say they received a phone call about an attempted burglary around 3:30 a.m. The homeowners say their Ring doorbell camera alerted them to a man wearing a white hat and a light colored shirt, checking the locks on their door. That’s when the homeowners called police.

Authorities were able to track down the suspect and began pursing him in a vehicle chase.

The suspect then stopped the vehicle less than a mile away from the original scene and opened fire on authorities before fleeing again.

The Village of El Portal Police Department and the Miami-Dade police department are currently searching for the suspect and are investigating the incident.

According to Local 10, the investigation seems to be focusing on the area of Northeast 79th Street and Fourth Avenue.

The suspect was said to have been driving a white pickup truck and took a generator and a few other things from the home. Authorities report that several homes in the area have also reported similar losses.

The suspect remains at large.