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Burger King employee opens fire on car at the drive-thru

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A Burger King employee has been arrested after she shot at a customer who ordered food through the drive-thru.

The incident occurred at the Northwest 167th Street and 47th Avenue location in Northwest Miami-Dade on Thursday.

Authorities say they were called to the scene around 4:00 p.m. after a Burger King employee ran out of the establishment and began shooting at a customer who just completed their order in the drive-thru.

Witnesses say the victim and the employee got into an argument just before the shooting occurred:

“She started jumping up and down, ran outside and started shooting at him,” a witness who only identified himself as Kevin said. “He took off after that and then she got in her car and followed him.”

While authorities did not identify the woman, the family that lives at the home where authorities later caught up with the woman, identified her as 30-year-old Shateasha Hicks.

The family also reportedly told authorities that the incident began with the victim throwing mayonnaise at the employee through the drive-thru.

Hicks has been taken into custody.

Authorities also towed her vehicle from the home for evidence.