BSO Deputy fired after surveillance shows him striking a handcuffed inmate several times

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony has announced the firing of a Deputy after the Deputy was captured on surveillance punching a handcuffed inmate.

The incident occurred in the men’s jail on June 26th. Officials say Deputy Kevin Fanti was in the process of booking the inmate when the inmate dropped a paper. At that point, Deputy Fanti picks up the inmates paper and then shoves him before punching the inmate several times.

In a news conference Thursday Broward Sheriff Tony commended his staff for bringing the issue to his attention and said it’s all about accountability:

“This is my messaging, and we’re changing the culture that exists here. Too many of our good deputies’ reputation continue to get tarnished because, like every organization that exists here on this planet, there will be a bad seed that makes it through the recruitment and application process.”

Deputy Fanti who was hired in April of 2018 and still under his probationary period, was fired on the spot Thursday after Sheriff Tony reviewed the tape.

“What’s unique here is that this young man is on probation,” Tony said, “and he has failed to meet the standards that I have for all these deputies. He’s been terminated. He will not have any opportunity to be interviewed by my investigators because he didn’t deserve it.”