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Broward woman startled by spiny iguana in her toilet

Mexico Iguanas Cooked
FILE – This Nov. 2012 file photo shows an iguana basking in the sun on the Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Mexican environmental authorities announced on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 they seized gallons of stew made of Mexican spiny-tailed iguanas at a restaurant in the township of Jojutla, in southern Morelos state, a species considered protected and threatened in Mexico. (AP Photo/Amanda Lee Myers, File)

(BROWARD COUNTY) — A Broward County woman, Michelle Reynolds, what shocked to find a huge spiky-tailed iguana in her toilet Saturday night.

The Hollywood woman called “Iguana Lifestyles,” wildlife removal and they showed up yesterday to safely remove the Mexican spiny-tailed iguana.

Reynolds says the iguana was really big, and she just froze when she saw it.