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Broward woman intentionally ran over by childhood friend after argument

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BROWARD COUNTY, FL– The mother of a Broward County woman is asking for her daughter’s childhood friend to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law after the friend intentionally ran over her daughter following an argument.
The incident occurred at 8:42 a.m. Friday in the 2600 block of Northwest 13th Court.
Video of the incident shows the victim fall off of the hood of the vehicle after being struck. The driver then turned around and ran over the victim again before leaving the scene.
“I just got a call from my neighbors stating to come home real fast, my daughter just got run over from her friend,” the victim’s mother, Tina Gore, said.
Authorities located the suspect, whom, the victim’s mother describes as her daughter’s childhood friend, at a home a block away from the incident.
According to the report, the women were reportedly involved in an “ongoing disturbance since at least last night.”
Gore says the two women were arguing about who busted out the windows to one of their black SUVs.
“It is not that she hit her — she came again to run my daughter’s head over also,” Gore said.
The victim is currently in critical condition at Broward Health Medical Center.
Charges are pending against the suspect.