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Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony: Media Fueling Public Distrust of Police

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony joined the South Florida Morning show to talk about the upcoming Primary Election in which he will face former Sheriff Scott Israel for the first time on the ballot.

Governor Ron DeSantis removed twice elected Broward Sheriff Scott Israel from office in 2018 for his mishandling of two mass shootings in his jurisdiction. The governor then appointed Gregory Tony Sheriff. Now the two democrats will meet head to head at the polls on August 18th.

Sheriff Tony said that he has not had any problem recruiting or hiring new officers in this new hostile environment. He added that he has experienced a rough arrest by police in his youth as a black man, but the distrust that has fomented since the death of George Floyd is manufactured by the media.
Sheriff Tony distrust

Listen to the full interview with Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony here.