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Broward man arrested for stalking 14-year-old near her home


(PLANTATION, FL)– A 38-year-old man is facing charges after he repeatedly stalked and harassed a 14-year-old girl near her home.
Rajpaul Bridgemohan was taken into custody on Halloween after he was caught parked in front of the victim’s home and told investigating officers conflicting stories.
Plantation police say they first received a call from the victim regarding Bridgemohan about six months ago when Bridgemohan was parked at a nearby church and waived her over.
The victim told police that Bridgemohan asked for her phone number and that’s when she decided to call them.
Officers made contact with Bridgemohan at the church and asked him to leave the area.
According to the report, the victim also told police that she constantly saw Bridgemohan near her home and it was causing her “emotional distress” and kept her from “feeling safe at home.”
On Halloween night, the victim’s mother contacted authorities after noticing Bridgemohan parked across the street from their home for nearly two hours.
When authorities arrived, Bridgemohan immediately jumped out of the car with his phone in hand as if he were taking a call.
When authorities asked why he was parked in the swale, Bridgemohan told them that he’d just come from his lawyer’s office after finalizing his divorce and needed to pull over to make a few phone calls. Bridgmohan went on to say that he asked permission from the homeowner to park in the swale.
When authorities spoke to the homeowner, she told them that she did give permission for Bridgemohan to park at her home but that he told her he was waiting for his children to finish trick-or-treating and that her house was their meeting point:
“Bridgemohan stated her told her he was parking there waiting for someone he needed to pick up,” police wrote. “He stated he lied to her because he was embarrassed about the divorce. I advised Bridgemohan that the resident said he told her that he was waiting there for his children, who were trick-or-treating. (He) denied ever saying this to her.”
Authorities then asked what brought Bridgemohan to the area since he did not live there, Bridgemohan told them that his lawyer’s office is in the area and so was his uncle’s home. After investigating further, authorities found that neither Bridgemohan’s lawyer’s office nor his uncle’s house was in the area.
They also found that Bridgemohan finalized his divorce in May of 2021.
He was taken into custody and is facing a charge of aggravated stalking of a minor.