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Broward man arrested after stealing jewelry for his mom’s birthday


(BROWARD COUNTY, FL)– An 18-year-old man is now behind bars after he attempted to steal a piece of Jewelry to give to his mother for her birthday.
Police say Everton Francis visited the Lauderhill Jewelry Exchange on October 12th and was shown a gold necklace with a pendant.
Francis told the employee that he was going to shop around but returned to the store around 40 minutes later to look at the necklace again.
When the employee pulled out the necklace for a second time, Francis grabbed it and ran out of the store.
Another employee noticed Francis on the mall security camera and pointed him out.
Francis reportedly ran through a Rainbow store while being chased by a security guard before pulling a gun out of his fanny pack.
He then dropped the gun after the security guard commanded him to do so.
Francis was held at the mall until police arrived.
While Francis was being taken into custody, he reportedly said:
“When are you guys going to take me home? I just took it for my mom for her birthday, but they got their jewelry back so y’all should just let me go,” the report stated.
Francis has since been charged with armed robbery, grand theft of a firearm, and carrying a concealed firearm. He remains in the Broward County Jail without bond.
Officials say the necklace Francis tried to steal was worth $4,700.