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Broward Doctor warns get vaccinated or end up in makeshift ICU

Virus Outbreak ICU Christmas
COVID-19 patient’s room in the intensive care unit. (AP Photo/Julie Bennett)

The Chief of Emergency Services at Broward Regional Medical Center in Hollywood, Dr. Randy Katz, tells 850WFTL that his hospital is swamped with new, serious COVID patients.
In fact he says Broward Regional has had to set up a make-shift ICU to handle the recent huge influx of COVID cases.
He says 96% of the extremely sick patients are NOT vaccinated. In addition, he says there are hundreds of nursing positions open leading to a crippling staffing shortage. Dr. Katz says the medical community is understaffed and overwhelmed in South Florida and it is completely preventable if everyone would just get vaccinated.

Dr. Katz is calling the situation a “perfect storm” with two COVID variants, one from Colombia and the Delta variant ripping through the south Florida community infecting young, unvaccinated people.
He also points out that unlike during the lockdown, all other emergency services and elective procedures are being performed adding to the nursing and bed shortages.

The emergency room specialist says there are some breakthrough infections in vaccinated people but there symptoms are manageable and therefore they can be treated and sent home.
Listen to the full interview with Dr. Randy Katz here.