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Brooklyn subway attack suspect charged with acts of terror

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Frank James, 62, from Philadelphia is a person of interest in the subway attack.

The suspect responsible for the shooting inside of a train at a Brooklyn subway station has been charged with acts of terror.

62-year-old Frank Robert James was charged with a federal terrorist or other violent attacks against mass transit systems charge, after his first court appearance on Thursday.

Earlier this week, James detonated two smoke grenades and fired at least 33 rounds of bullets on a busy subway train in the Brooklyn area. He then hopped off of the train and into another train where he got off at the next station.

Authorities were able to identify him because after hopping off of the train, James left several clues behind:

“left behind numerous clues at the crime scene, including the gun — which he bought in Ohio in 2011 — ammunition magazines, a hatchet, smoke grenades, gasoline, a bank card in his name and the key to a U-Haul van he rented Monday in Philadelphia,” according to police

After a nearly 30-hour manhunt, James was located and taken into custody.

According to reports, James called the tip line and told authorities where they could find him.

While a motive for the shooting still remains unclear, investigators did locate a YouTube page ran by James, that was critical of policies regarding mental health care in New York City, subway safety, racism and violence.

10 people were said to have been injured during the incident.