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Boynton Beach residents celebrate ‘National Night Out’

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The Boynton Beach residents get the opportunity to celebrate “National Night Out” Tuesday evening, and the Boynton Beach Police made sure all would have a fun time.

They set up bounce houses, food trucks, a face painting station and several police vehicles for kids to enjoy.

“It’s important to come out and have them do something. This is a great activity for them to do,” Nigel Stafford said.

This is the first time in 2 years that the Boynton Beach community has been able to get out and celebrate together.

COVID-19 put a huge damper on the event along with heavy rain that cancelled it for the last two times it was being planned.

“Our crime rate is the lowest it’s been in decades and that’s a really good reason to celebrate,” Boynton Beach police spokeswoman Stephanie Slater said.