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Boynton Beach promoting environmental awareness by reducing use of Styrofoam

Just in time for Earth Day on Thursday Boynton Beach is doing it’s part to help preserve the environment.

Commissioners in Boynton Beach unanimously passed a measure Tuesday night to eliminate Styrofoam and polystyrene foam products on city property and city facilities.

Sustainability coordinator Rebecca Harvey said this is a small step to helping the environment.

How will you help out the environment on Earth Day?

She adds other city’s like Delray Beach have similar measures in place, but Boynton Beach’s new ordinance includes balloons and confetti. Harvey said all the items in the ordinance are dangerous to the environment.

“Those become micro-plastics that never biodegrade, “Harvey”

“Almost every single turtle that enters the facility is affected by plastic,” Crowder said.

There have been previous reports of baby turtles washing ashore with the bellies full of plastic.

Crowder said this is a perfect example of why reducing plastic and foam is important.

“We try to educate the public on the changes they can make on an individual level, “Crowder said.

The new ordinance is asking people to stop using Styrofoam and plastic and start using reusable or paper products.

Harvey said the city will give rental discounts to people who don’t use foam or balloons and confetti.

The next 12 months, we will begin to enforce the ban with our vendors, “Harvey Said.

Violators will then have contracts terminated or face a fine.

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