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Both candidates claim victory in first and only Democrat gubernatorial debate

(MIRAMAR, FLA) — Two Democrats who want to be Florida’s next governor both claimed victory after their first and only primary debate last night night in Miramar.
U.S. Rep. and one term Republican Governor Charlie Crist and Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried went head to head in a prerecorded event. Fried slipped up right out of the gate misstating her pro-choice abortion stance as “pro-life” her whole entire life.

Crist caught the slip and capitalized on it, saying “that’s not the case with me.” Then he went after their Republican opponent, Governor Ron DeSantis.

“We need a governor who wants to care about the people of our state,” Crist said. “Not the people in Iowa or New Hampshire who are going to be voting in 2024 for the Republican nominee for president.”

The two candidates agreed on the death penalty for the Parkland shooter, better access to affordable housing, comprehensive immigration reform and banning assault weapons.
The Primary Election is August 23rd.